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An Introduction to the Transformers


A transformer is specified as a passive electrical component that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another via the procedure of electromagnetic induction. It is most frequently used to increase (‘step up’) or decrease (‘step down’) voltage levels between circuits Most straightforwardly, a transformer can be described as a thing that converts. However, when […]

What is a Resistor? Overview, Types and Applications


Resistors are electronic and electrical components that have a specific, always no-changing electrical resistance. The resistor’s resistance controls the flow of electrons through a circuit. They are passive components. They only consume power, cannot generate it. Resistors are typically used in circuits where they complement active components like op-amps, microcontrollers, and other integrated circuits (ICs). […]

Voltage Regulators and Their Applications


Voltage regulators play a crucial role in the power supply system. For example, in any working system where electric power is used like a mobile phone, wristwatch, PC, or laptop, the power supply is a central part of working the system because it allows consistent, reliable, and nonstop supply to the inside apparatuses of the […]

Electric Cars: Features and Technical Characteristics


Electric cars have been identified as being a crucial innovation in minimizing future emissions and energy consumption in the automobile sector. The emphasis of this short article is to assess as well as assess the electrical automobile efficiency as well as several technical features. An electrical vehicle (EV) operates on an electrical motor, as opposed […]

What Is A Solid-State Battery? Comparison between Li-ion vs. Solid-State Batteries

smartphone batter charging

Solid-state batteries have been taken into consideration as a vital resource of power for a wide variety of applications for an extended period of time, and also, in particular, lithium-ion batteries are coming out as the modern technology of selection for portable electronic devices As technology innovation into the new era, researcher teams and competitive […]

Electric Energy Storage Devices and System

Electric Energy Storage Devices and System

Power systems are undergoing significant changes in operational requirements that result from the sector restructure and evolution. Vastly interconnected network, distributed and renewable generation leads to more complex and less secure power system operation. Energy storage system seems to be helpful to utilities since it can decouple the instantaneous balancing between demand and supply. Therefore, […]

IoT in Healthcare: Applications and Security Issues for Medical IoT in healthcare

Medical IoT and Doctor

Healthcare is one of the most important parts of our life, however, because of the intricacy, level of accountability, and rigorous guidelines, innovations need to come a long way prior to they get fully adopted in this domain. Nevertheless, points have actually transformed because the pandemic has revealed the susceptibilities and inadequacies in this market. […]

Types of Toggle Switches and how to install Toggle Switches

toggle switch

Toggle switches are activated by a handle angled in one of two or more positions and forth to open or close an electrical circuit. The usual light button used in household wiring is an example of a toggle switch. Toggle switches can be found in different dimensions or sizes, from miniature PCB mount up to […]