Discrete Semiconductors

Best Discrete Semiconductors Suppliers for Mass Production

Over the years, semiconductors became a crucial element in the manufacturing of electronics and electrical devices. Since the invention of the Transistor, the world of electronics has always been on an exponential curve in terms of research, development, manufacturing, bringing up new devices and technologies.

Electronic Devices are all about handling information in high-speed transmission, acquisition, and processing in fields of industries and manufacturing, communications, arts, medicine, and even in warfare.

But all these can be dialed back to the heart of modern electronics and its manufacturing: Semiconductor Devices

Discrete semiconductors carry out an essential function, which separates them from circuits. Unlike the ICs and circuits that have a diode, a transistor, and few other components, each performing a different task, discrete semiconductors perform one specific function. You are likely to buy the discrete semiconductors as part of an integrated circuit, but these components provide their function for the engineering needs. This is an indication that discrete semiconductors have a key role in the marketplace for electronic components.

The term discrete means that some of them need to be ordered from a provider together with other components. This is to ensure that they are viable for the desired tasks. It is better to check the performance of different suppliers before you make the right decision to work with a certain supplier group. Gallon Electric can be your trusted supplier for discrete semiconductors components because of its best price & quality and we are also committed to ensuring better technical support for you.

The purchasing of discrete semiconductors in bulk orders saves the production costs for electronic manufacturers. But they can easily get confused when it comes to the decision-making part for purchasing the discrete components in mass quantity for their commercial production. Because now they need to consider many factors to reflect the best choice as well as where to buy discrete semiconductors in wholesale is equally essential. Placing discrete semiconductor bulk orders from Gallon Electric is affordable and highly reliable.

To maintain the value for your goods, you should place your bulk orders and partner with a discrete semiconductor-authorized dealer. That is exactly what you get here. Gallon Electric help you by ensuring you have high quality and original discrete semiconductors for the next project.


Classification of the Discrete Semiconductor

  • Diodes
    • General-purpose rectifiers
    • High-speed rectifiers
    • Switching diodes
    • Zener diodes
    • ESD protection diodes
    • Variable-capacitance diodes
  • Transistors
    • MOSFETs
    • Junction FETs
    • Bipolar transistors
    • IGBTs
  • Thyristors
  • Modules Types

Many types of semiconductors are sold as part of circuits, oftentimes on an IC. These circuits are usually capable of carrying out any of a number of different functions in a device, which differentiates them substantially from discrete semiconductors.

A discrete semiconductor has a basic function that cannot be divided up into other functions. An IC, for example, may have a transistor, a diode, and other components on it that can all perform different functions on their own or, working in conjunction as a circuit, can perform several functions together. A discrete semiconductor, conversely, can only perform one function. A transistor, for instance, is always a transistor and can only perform the functions associated with a transistor.

In today’s world, most semiconductors are purchased as part of integrated circuits. For some applications, however, a discrete semiconductor provides the best possible solution for the engineering need and, therefore, discrete semiconductors have an important role in the marketplace for electronic components.

Because these are discrete devices, some of them need to be purchased along with other devices to achieve the desired functionality for which they are intended in any given circuit. Semiconductor devices perform functions ranging from regulating power to working as switches and much more. For some engineering needs, the ability to purchase discrete semiconductors makes prototyping and production affordable.

What types of discrete semiconductors are offered by Gallon Electric?

Discrete semiconductors are very basic parts of electronics and electrical engineering and there are numerous different types which also considered basic electronic engineering components. This indicates that they are available in numerous different types.

Gallon Electric can be the best choice for its ability to offer various types of discrete semiconductors like different types of diode & rectifiers, thyristors and transistors, and other semiconductor modules.

Here is some basic type of discrete semiconductor are briefly described  

Diodes and Rectifiers

Semiconductor diodes are electronic components that were the first available semiconductor-based device. Diodes are considered semiconductors having a ‘p-n junction’ that is connected to two electrical terminals. For an electrical circuit, the diode is like a valve. Here are some types of diodes and rectifiers you can get from Gallon Electric:

Bridge Rectifiers – A bridge rectifier is built out of diodes that are arranged in a specific configuration: the namesake bridge. This bridge is able to convert an input of alternating current into direct current, a basic function for most electronic devices. These devices work with a two-wire AC input, have two diode drops in their design, and offer full-wave rectification.

Bridge Rectifiers

Because these are discrete devices, some of them need to be purchased along with other devices to achieve the desired functionality for which they are intended in any given circuit. Semiconductor devices perform functions ranging from regulating power to working as switches and much more. For some engineering needs, the ability to purchase discrete semiconductors makes prototyping and production affordable

Switching Diodes- Switching diodes have a high electrical resistance when the voltage applied to them is below the voltage for which they are specified. When the voltage is increased to a level above the specified voltage, the resistance drops. This allows them to function as a switch.

Switching Diodes

Zener diode-This is one of the highly demanded diodes that allow current to flow in a conventional manner. These are preferably used as voltage references or to some greater extents shunt regulators to monitor the voltage on micro-components

Zener diode

The current regulator diode-Here is another diode that regulates the current to a range specified value for that specific device. They work by continuously varying the voltage flowing through the load. 

Schottky diode-This diode is found in many devices and is used liked a mixture and a rectifier in radio frequency applications and power applications respectively.

TVS Diode and ESD suppressors-This diode is one of the most useful components in protecting electronics from spikes in voltage.

TVS Diode and ESD suppressors

PIN Diodes: PIN diodes are frequently found in high-voltage applications and in applications where fast switching is required. These are differentiated from other diodes by having an intrinsic semiconductor layer sandwiched between a p-type and n-type semiconductor layer.

Other diodes- Gallon Electric can also provide other types of diodes for you like switching diodes, power diodes, and some general-purpose diodes.


These are solid-state semiconductors that are comprised of four layers of alternating P-and N-type materials. It is known to play the role of the bi-stable switch. It is also known for controlling the electric current flow. Gallon Electric can supply major types of thyristors like DIAC, TRIAC, and SCR for manufacturers.


DIAC – DIACs are most often employed as triggers for thyristors. They are also used for triggering TRIACs. These are thyristors themselves, being differentiated from most by the absence of a gate electrode.

TRIAC-This component is used widely in controlling power. It’s mainly found in switching applications. You can easily find it in chopper designs, brilliance control lamps, phase control, switching, and speed control in fans.

SCR-Here is a four-layer solid-state current controlling semiconductor. It serves the role of a switch that turns on and off small or large currents.


SIDAC- A SIDAC is similar to a DIAC, but is capable of handling higher currents and has a higher break-over voltage. The acronym stands for Silicone Diode for Alternating Current. It is a type of thyristor. When the voltage applied to these devices reaches or goes beyond the break overvoltage, the non-conducting nature of the device changes and it becomes conductive. When the current applied to the device falls below the holding current, it returns to a nonconductive state.

Thyristor Modules- Thyristor modules are the same devices as silicon-controlled rectifiers. These devices function as a switch. When the gate on the device receives a current pulse, it switches to an on condition. It will remain in the on condition until the voltage is reversed. These devices consist of four layers of semiconductor material, with alternating layers of p- and n-type semiconductors within them.

Thyristors Module

Thyristor Trigger Modules- Thyristor trigger modules provide a means by which a thyristor is triggered, allowing them to be utilized for switching applications and for other applications. These can be chosen based on several different criteria, including whether they are designed to work with large currents or in highly inductive circuits.


Transistors are discrete semiconductor components that are used to switch electronic signals and also amplify them. They are composed of semiconductor materials that always have three terminals for connecting to the circuit. You can buy any of the below types of transistors from Gallon Electric which is a well-known global distributor in this field.


Bipolar Transistors- A bipolar semiconductor is used for amplifying analog and digital signals. It can equally be used to switch DC or even play the role of an oscillator.

IGBT- These types of semiconductors are used in traction motor control, and also in switched-mode power supplies. You will find them also in inverters or in induction heating.

IGBT transistor modules are easily incorporated into a circuit and allow the inclusion of the fast-switching capabilities of IGBT transistors in devices. These are very high-efficiency devices that are also responsible for much of the miniaturization of electronic devices that have been possible over the past decades.

JEET- This type of transistors is used as electronically-controlled switches, voltage-controlled resistors, and amplifiers.


JFET stands for junction gate field-effect transistor. They are frequently used in switching applications, though they can also be utilized to provide resistance that is dependent upon voltage. They have source and drain terminals and can either add resistance to electric current or, if they are utilized in a different fashion, cut off electric current altogether

MOSFET- MOSFET transistors are the most common transistor in use. Their usage spans both analog and digital circuitry. These are field-effect transistors that are provided with four terminals, though three terminals are most commonly hooked up. In many cases, two of the terminals are short-circuited within the device. This arrangement, in fact, is so common that these devices appear with three terminals in electrical diagrams. The devices include body, drain, gate, and source terminals in their designs.

MOSFET transistors

Digital Transistors – A digital transistor has only two possible states in a circuit. It can operate as fully  on, which is called saturation, or can operate as fully off, which is called cut off.

Digital Transistors

Emitter-Switched Bipolar Transistors – An emitter switched bipolar transistor is actually two transistors in one. The design allows the component to block large voltages and to function at a very high speed.

Firing Circuit Commander Modules – Firing circuit commander modules provide phase control in circuitry. They are generally rated by the number of amps that they can handle.

HEMT Transistors – These are commonly incorporated into electronic devices such as cellular phones, radar equipment, and other equipment that needs to function at a very high speed. HEMT transistors are faster than regular transistors. They are field-effect transistors that function due to a combination of different materials used in the manufacture.

HEMT Transistors

Other transistors – Gallon Electric can also provide other types of transistors for you like RF Transistors, Darlington Transistors, etc.

What to expect from Gallon Electric?

With all the risk awaiting you when purchasing electrical and electronic components like different types of semiconductors globally, you definitely want to contract with a genuine and a trusted wholesaler that will help you place orders and see your order delivered. That is exactly what Gallon Electric offers you.

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