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Electric cables are the most important thing in an electrical installation, and there are various types of electrical cables that we can use for; But keep in mind that the type of cable that we will use must be in accordance with the specifications of the cable.

The use of electrical cables that are not in accordance with the use in the field can cause various losses, can even cause fatal damage, Therefore, the use of an electric cable must be considered, in choosing the type of cable and for what cable to use.

What are Cables?

An electric cable is a conductor material that is used to Transmitting electricity to an electricity network from one place to another, Electric cables are the most important part of any electrical installation.


In each electrical installation, a cable is needed, and the use of this electrical cable must be according to its needs and functions, and There are many types of electric Cables or Wires, various types of electrical Cables or wires have their differences and uses, the difference in electrical Cables/wires from the shape; size, type of Conductor material and the type of insulation that surrounds the conductor, The Cable can also be differentiated from how large the electric voltage that used.

Voltage classifications

  • LV (Low Voltage) Low Voltage Classification is around 50 volts to 1,000 volts (1 KV)
  • MV (Medium Voltage) Medium voltage Classification is around 1,000 Volts (1 KV) to 36,000 Volts (36 KV)
  • HV (High Voltage) High Voltage Classification is around 36,000 Volts (36 KV) to 150,000 Volts (150 KV)

Low Voltage (LV) Cables Low voltage is the most widely used classification, with the voltage range of 50 volts to 1000 volts (1 KV), and in general, several types of cables that we use most often in an electrical installation, especially for low voltage electricity networks.

Guidelines for Choosing Right Tools and Cables

For beginners and professionals in the electrical field, tackling any project without the right cables and electrical tools can be challenging. Verily, you need the right tools for specific projects. You also need the right electric cables for specific needs. Gallon Electrical has a whole set of electrical cables and tools that you can buy today.

Common mistakes when purchasing electrical tools and cables

People usually make some costly mistakes when they are purchasing electrical cables and tools. Electrical cables and tools are the most abused electrical products in our homes and workplace. Some of these electrical tools are used in plugging in the space heater and carrying out common repairs in the house.  The good thing is that all the mistakes are avoidable but only when you take your time to familiarize yourself with them. Here are some issues that are likely to occur when you are in the market searching for tools and cables.

Buying fake tools and cables

This is a very common mistake that industrial manufacturers and individuals make, especially when they are on a tight budget. It’s definitely very easy to be attracted to low prices without knowing this can jeopardize on the quality of cables and tools.

Confusing wires and cables

I can bet with near certainty that some people don’t see any difference between a cable and a wire. Wires are conductors that carry electrical current through the circuit. On the other hand, a cable is made up of several wires performing specific tasks.

wire vs cable

Buying incompatible tools and cables

Each cable or electrical tool performs a specific task. This is an indication that you should buy the right tool and cable for the task at hand. If you have little information about the same, it’s advisable to get a qualified electrician to guide you along the way. The fact is specific manufacturers have specific installations and safety instructions that they want all the people to follow closely failure to which can result in additional risks.

If you already have the right information, placing orders has been made easy with Gallon Electric. Gallon Electric offers you resistor testers, wire strippers, and side cutters among many other electrical tools as well as various types of cables & wires. For industrial manufacturers, you can actually place industrial bulk orders for any of the below discussed electrical tools and cables.

Tools and cables you can buy from Gallon Electric.

Gallon Electric provides different types of tools, storage, and cables that you can order for your specific needs. If you have been looking for a genuine

Racks and cabinets

Racks and cabinets

All the electronics you have in the market from the industrial control systems and phones need racks and cabinets to protect them. Gallon Electric offers a couple of enclosures, cabinet racks, relay racks and several other large assortments of electric enclosures. Place your order for industrial standard sub racks, temporary enclosures, ice chests and card cages.

Enclosures, boxes and cases

For industrial metal electric enclosures and electric boxes, shop with Gallon Electric. All these cases are made from aluminum, stainless steel and steel. You can as well get plastic electrical boxes, enclosures and cases. The main reason you need these electric cases, enclosures and boxes are to protect the electronics and other components. Depending on your electric needs, you can buy these cases, enclosures and boxes wholesale from Gallon Electric.

Enclosures, boxes and cases



When looking for electronic equipment, accessories, tools and mechanical components, ensure you know all that you want and all to look for before finalizing the order. Gallon Electric offers all types of electric tools, equipment, accessories and mechanical components.

  1. Pliers

Pliers—often referred to as cutting pliers or lineman pliers—are a staple on any electrical tools list. They are mainly used for cutting wire, or gripping, twisting, bending or straightening wires. Any prepared electrician stocks an array of pliers in their toolbox or truck, including needle nose pliers, side-cutting pliers, and reaming pliers for tightening locknuts, fittings and caps.

  1. Screwdrivers

Electricians use a variety of screwdrivers, another toolbox necessity, for loosening and fastening various pieces of hardware. Many professionals now carry versatile and adaptable screwdrivers with interchangeable bits, so they’re never stuck without the proper electrical maintenance tool.

  1. Tape Measure

When working with wiring, it’s essential to know exact measurements when cutting and stripping. A simple retractable tape measure does the trick, but available models with magnetic tips, multi-step locks, and other features make this process easier.

Tape Measure

4. Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

Made from plastic, vinyl, or fiberglass cloth, this adhesive material is pressure-sensitive and essential for insulating wires or other materials that conduct electricity. The electrical tape prevents the electrical current from accidentally passing to other wires, and possible electrocution when touching live wires.

  1. Cable Ties
 Cable Ties

Also known as zip ties, these inexpensive fasteners are great at binding electrical cables or wires together. Keep your electrical space neat and organized with cable ties.

  1. Electric Drill
Electric Drill

Electricians regularly install new lighting fixtures or need to disassemble installed hardware to access wiring and other electrical components. A handheld electric drill with various bits helps expedite these tasks—and allows professionals to affix specialty bits (like the reaming bit, see below) for industry-specific purposes.

  1. Level

When installing light fixtures, finding precise points for placement is key. An electrical tools list isn’t complete without a standard level, as it helps electricians ensure fixtures, screws, and other installations are placed exactly where they need to be.

Essential Electrician Tools

Electric tools
  1. Wire/Cable Lugs

Similar to the features used on jumper cables and car batteries, wire and cable lugs connect wires to appliances, cables, and other devices in need of power.

  1. Coax Connector

Coax connectors link cables to devices, while simultaneously protecting the cable from shredding. Multiple connectors exist, and keeping a variety on hand ensures you always meet your customers’ needs.

Coax Connector
  1. Wire Strippers

Professional electricians regularly strip the plastic coating on wires to expose the copper and make customized connections with other wiring or components. This essential electrical maintenance tool comes in a variety of models and types.

  1. Fish Tape

The fish tape is one of many popular electrician tools. It’s used to run wiring between gang boxes (or other electrical components) through conduit piping. The fish tape is housed in a retractable coil and can be fed through installed conduit piping. Once the end of the fish tape appears on the opposite side, wiring can be hooked to the tape and the tape can be retracted—pulling the wire along the conduit.

  1. Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are essential electrician tools when installing wire through walls, below carpets, or above ceilings. Rods are typically fiberglass and include hooks on the end for easy maneuvering. 

  1. Terminal Block

These modular, insulated devices assist electricians when grouping multiple wires together. They’re used to connect wiring to the ground or connect electrical switches and outlets to mains.

  1. Voltage Tester

To safely perform electrical work, electrical power must be cut off in key sections of the property (usually via the circuit breaker). A handheld voltage tester allows electricians to test outlets for power, so they know when they’re safe to work on. Electricians also use this tool to confirm power has been restored.

Voltage Tester
  1. Reaming Bit

Installing new conduits (or replacing old ones) means connecting different segments of piping together to create a wiring route between electrical components. A reaming bit attaches to an electric drill and widens the opening on one end of the piping, allowing it to connect to another segment of piping and complete a secure conduit.

  1. Conduit Bender

When determining a wiring route, electricians often run wiring along the corner of the wall or in other mostly hidden areas. Conduit benders are electrician tools used to curve conduit piping to accommodate these routes and ensure the conduits remain nonintrusive and efficiently placed in the customer’s home.

  1. Splicing Connector

These plastic clips help electricians make quick connections with multiple pieces of wire. They can be used with multiple cables, including device wires, telephone cables, and electrical cables. 

  1. Flashlights

For an electrician, working in the dark is a potential hazard of the job. Keep essential electrician tools, like flashlights and other various work lights, handy and within reach. 

Labels and industrial warning signs, Adhesive tapes


When you are in the industrial production of electronics or when your business involves constant use of electricity, there’s need to invest in electric warning signs and labels. The main reason for this is to warn your employees and visitors of all the underlying risks. During wiring, electricians also need adhesive tapes to seal cable joints and other naked stations in the system.

Multi-conductor cables

Multi-conductor cables are handy and they are used for audio recording systems, television, audio, sound systems, camera control systems, and video cameras. Depending on your business needs, you can place bulk orders for multi-conductor cables from Gallon Electric.

antenna connectors image

Fiber Optic & Coaxial cable

Fiber Optic & Coaxial cable

Businesses in the communication and internet industry know the difference that exists between fibre optic and coaxial cable. Regardless of what you want, there’s always a supplier ready to help you along the way. Gallon Electric is one of the most recognized global distributors for Fiber optic and coaxial cables.

What to expect from Gallon Electric?

Tools and Cables are most important for a safe and sound environment of the industries and farms. Cables selections and buying the best quality can be crucial for safety and quality management.

Gallon Electric can be your trusted supplier for Tools and Cables choosing because of its best price & quality and we are also committed to ensuring better technical support for you.

Why Gallon Electric?

Gallon Electric can be your trusted supplier for Tools and Cables related components and devices because of its best price & quality and we are also committed to ensuring better technical support for you.

Gallon Electric is committed to providing customers with authorized genuine Tools and Cables related to components and devices with the least risk of counterfeit. We can provide full traceability on the commercial components sold. From sales to shipping Gallon Electric is committed to meeting your requirements for the right product, on time

Gallon Electric can be your trusted supplier for Tools and Cables related components and device buying because of its best price & quality and we are also committed to ensuring better technical support for you. Gallon Electric commits to quality products, high service, and timely delivery to our customers.


Gallon Electric would like to set up long-term business relationships with customers worldwide to get a win-win situation. Gallon Electric commits to quality products, high service, and timely delivery to our customers.

Upon request, Gallon Electric can design and produce customized orders as per specific requirements.